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Alexa S. Profile Thumb

Alexa S.

6 days ago

I love living here. It’s super nice and the apartment is so cute. It feels just like a mini home. The amenities are great and very useful. I can’t wait to keep living here for the next few years

Maxwell R. Profile Thumb

Maxwell R.

7 days ago

Well I’m sorry that you don’t know how much you want me too lol I love it so I don’t think I need anything else lol lol I’m just gonna I love you so sweet dreams and love it all I miss y’all

Jake L. Profile Thumb

Jake L.

8 days ago

Nice apartments and great location to necessary things such as the school and grocery stores. Everything is so close by and it is so nice when you are new to the area.

Sarah S. Profile Thumb

Sarah S.

13 days ago

Really easy move in process! The staff was helpful and everyone seemed friendly. There’s not too much noise going on around the community which is nice. It’s also great seeing everyone walking their dog in the mornings!

Madison Y. Profile Thumb

Madison Y.

1 month ago

Staff is amazing. Truly makes me feel at home in a place faraway from home. Could not be more grateful to find a place like the estates !!!!

Thank you for your gracious compliment. Customer service is our top priority.

Constantine L. Profile Thumb

Constantine L.

2 months ago

My experience with the estates has been amazing!Maintenance has been quick to help whenever I’ve had any issues. The community is quite nice, and despite the amenities being closed due to COVID I still have loved this year staying with the estates.

Thank you for your review. Did you know that the amenities have reopened? If not, please let us know when we can reprogram your key flob.

Jose H. Profile Thumb

Jose H.

2 months ago

Besides the loud neighbors it’s been ok. Maintenance is helpful and the office runs well. The place it’s at makes it easy to go to school. Over all: eh

Jose, is there a moment in your schedule that we can speak? I would like to hear more about the neighbor issue.

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