Viviana C. Profile Thumb

Viviana C.

3 months ago

People at the front desk are very nice, but mantience weren’t too esatic to help out. I have noticed a lot of cars parked in resident parking.

Reed H. Profile Thumb

Reed H.

5 months ago

Pretty good place to live could be fixed up a little bit. Work orders are usually acted upon pretty quickly, but doesn’t always fix the problem.

Renn L. Profile Thumb

Renn L.

5 months ago

Love the neighborhood vibe with home style apartments. The bus is always on time and leaves right on schedule. Our sink gets clogged way to easy, I’ve lived at 2 apartments before this and never had a problem. yet we were told it was us putting grease down the drain, but we don’t cook with grease hardly at all. Anyway good complex tho

Cassidy B. Profile Thumb

Cassidy B.

5 months ago

I've been very pleased. They let me have my rabbits, fix things pretty quickly and have a nice pool. Everyone in the office is nice and so are all the maintenance employees.

Tomas F. Profile Thumb

Tomas F.

5 months ago

For the most part it’s been a good experience i just wish the maintenance would respond to work orders sooner. For instance, I filed a work order in November and I still haven’t gotten my ac unit fixed here on January 31.

Gerardo G. Profile Thumb

Gerardo G.

5 months ago

So I’ve been living here for a while and I must admit there in terms of places in the area it is fantastic terms of price, room size, as well as the general feel of the neighborhood.

Travis L. Profile Thumb

Travis L.

5 months ago

Overall it is pretty nice living here. The biggest problem I have is the noise late at night, especially on work/school nights. Random roommates if you didn't choose them can be difficult because you don't know what they are like until you meet them and then you're stuck with them for a year. Overall has been a decent experience so far.

A`Schanta`Ray R. Profile Thumb

A`Schanta`Ray R.

5 months ago

It is a very nice neighborhood with a nice scenery. The staff is friendly and will help you with whatever you need. I recommend people to live here all the time!

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